Accelerated Device Approval Services LLC ("ADAS") can review your 510(k) application as a Third-Party Reviewer, instead of the FDA. We review, on behalf of the FDA, various low-risk medical devices. We are the fastest method to get your 510(k) cleared by the FDA.

The average 510(k) that uses ADAS to perform a Third-Party Review receives a 510(k) clearance within only 49 days. One of the reasons for the accelerated timeline is because your reviewer at ADAS will be someone who is familiar with your type of device and how it is used in clinical practice. In fact, most of our current reviewers previously worked as reviewers at the FDA.


1. What are the advantages of conducting a 510(k) Third-Party Review with ADAS?

a. The FDA normally takes an average of 123-days to decide on a 510(k) application. See page 170 of the following FDA document:

However, the average 510(k) that uses ADAS to perform a Third-Party Review, receives a 510(k) clearance within only 49 days. In other words, on average, our applicants can begin selling their device more than two months earlier.

b. Your company benefits from directly interacting with a Third-Party Review by having easy access to your device´s 510(k) reviewer and resolve many deficiencies over the telephone. However, when you file your 510(k) directly through the FDA, you would then have to follow the time-consuming requirements of the FDA guidance on “Requesting FDA Feedback and Meetings” to set up a teleconference to discuss your 510(k) application with the FDA:

2. What are the 510(k) Third-Party Review Fees?

The 510(k) Third-Party Review filing fee is $10,500 for  510(k) applications.  There are no extra fees or costs involved with your Third-Party Review for a 510(k) review. The FDA waives its submission fee for 510(k) Third-Party Reviews, as per section 738(a)(1)(B)(iv) of MDUFMA.

3. For which devices has ADAS been accredited to review by the FDA?

You can click on the following FDA weblink to view the different types of medical devices that ADAS has been accredited to review:

4. How do we get started with the Third-Party Review?

Download Form 8319 and Form 8320, which are shown below. Please fill them out and e-mail both Forms back to us at

Most recent 510(k) clearances


FORM 8319 – Third-Party Review letter of authorization (docx)


FORM 8320 – Third-Party Review agreement (docx)